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  • Kangaroo Stuffems

    Hop into fun and create your very own DIY Kangaroo Stuffem!

    This DIY project is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. With...

  • DIY Percussion Hand Drum Kit - Indigenous

    Drum up some fun and creativity with our Aboriginal DIY Percussion Hand Drum Kit - perfect for little hands and big imaginations!

    Perfect for NAIDOC Week and other learning a...

  • Colour-In Australian Animal Pencil Case

    Add some Aussie flair and let imaginations run wild with our Australian Animal Colour-In Pencil Case!

    Not only does this pencil case keep your favorite pencils and markers organized, but ...

  • NEW!! Indigenous Hand Magic Scratch Art

    Our new Indigenous Hand Magic Scratch Art is a great way to help kids learn about and appreciate Aboriginal art and culture. Perfect for NAIDOC Week and celebrating the rich history and traditio...

  • Indigenous Clapsticks

    Create rhythmic sounds when you clap your sticks together but first, blow them up, design and decorate with special symbols and colourful dots! 

    Clapsticks are traditional 

  • NEW!! Indigenous Activity Book - "Let's Go On A Cultural Adventure"

    Explore the world of Indigenous culture and traditions with our brand-new Activity book!

    Titled "Let's Go On A Cultural Adventure", this Activity Book has been created in col...

  • New!! Egyptian Pyramid Excavation Kit

    Dig into history and uncover ancient treasures with our Egyptian Excavation Kit!

    Become a junior archaeologist and embark on an exciting excavation adve...

  • Australia Activity bag With 3D Glasses and Markers

    Our Australia Activity Bags are packed with engaging activities that are not only educational but will also keep kids entertained! 

    These bags are here to take kids on ...

  • Indigenous Artboard with Markers

    Discover the beauty of Indigenous art and teach cultural awareness with our Colour-In Artboards!

    With its intricate designs and beautiful patterns, this artboard is a fantast...

  • Colour-In Platypus Backpack with Markers

    Bring your creativity everywhere with our Colour-In Platypus Backpack!

    This backpack is not only practical but also tons of fun! With its cute platypus ...

  • Boomerang Bag Tag Kit

    Our Boomerang Bag Tag Set is the perfect activity for kids to do whilst learning about Australia's first inhabitants.

    This fun and eye-catching accessory will fit on any size backpack, ba...

  • Design-Your-Own World Globe Lantern Activity

    Light up your world with our Design-Your-Own Globe Lantern!

    This lantern is the perfect canvas for children to showcase their artisti...

  • Design your own Lunar New Year Beach Ball Kit

    Make a splash this Lunar New Year with your own personalized Beach Ball!

    This kit has everything needed for kids to create their very own Lunar New Year beach ball, including a blan...

  • Queensland Activity Book with Markers and 3D Glasses
    In this Activity Book, our favourite characters Benny the Kangaroo and Koby the Koala visit The Great Barrier Reef!

    There are 10 fun-packed activity pages which include:
  • Design Your Own Bunny Babushka Nesting Dolls

    Design your own set of Bunnies this Easter with these adorable Babushka Nesting Dolls!

    Kids will love decorating these dolls and then enjoy the challenge of tr...

  • NEW!! Indigenous Cultural Adventure Activity Pack

    Our Indigenous Cultural Adventure Pack is the ultimate way to learn about and celebrate the fascinating rich history and traditions of Aboriginal culture! Perfect for NAIDOC Week or any ot...

  • Design-Your-Own Chinese New Year Lantern Activity


    Light up children's creativity with our Chinese New Year Lantern Activity!

    Not only will kids have a blast crafting their own festive lanterns in their own unique st...

  • DIY Wooden Boomerang Activity Kit

    Decorate your own flying work of art with our DIY Wooden Boomerang Activity Kit!

    Kids can unleash their creativity and create a unique boomerang that's both fun to decorate a...

  • DIY Indigenous Wooden Boomerang Activity Kit

    Get crafty and creative with our DIY Wooden Inidigineous Boomerang Kit!

    This activity is a great way to help kids learn about and appreciate Aboriginal culture. Perfect...

  • Dragon Paper Bag Kit

    Breathe life into your very own Dragon with our Paper Bag Craft Kit!

    Not only is this craft fun for kids to make, but they can also then fill their new creature with al...

  • Design Your Own Easter Babushka Nesting Dolls

    Design your own set of Bunnies this Easter with these adorable Babushka Nesting Dolls!

    Kids will love decorating these dolls and then enjoy the challenge of tr...

  • Kookaburra Foil Art Activity Pack

    Our Foil Art unleashes fun and creativity! A fantastic and mess-free activity, all you do is peel off each sticker, place the foil pieces provided over the sticky centre, and rub!

    Not onl...

  • Design-Your-Own Lantern Activity

    Looking for a fun and creative activity that will light up children's imaginations? Look no further than our Colour-In Lanterns!

    Kids can colour in and bring their unique design to life f...

  • Dragon Colour-In Mask

    Prepare for a thrilling and fiery adventure!

    Take part in a super-fun activity with this lightweight, comfortable Dragon mask! Constructed from white cardstock, the mas...

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