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  • Ztringz

    Turn! Twist! Create!

    With Ztringz you can make as much as your imagination allows. Ztringz is executed in cheerful colors and ...

  • Pica-Pair - ABC Matching Game

    Match your way to fun and learning with our Pica-Pair ABC game!

    Pica-Pair ABC has been designed by a team of qualified educators and occupational therapists to be a fun and e...

  • Pica-Pair Card Game

    Pica-Pair is a card game that you can make your own!
    There are 30 pictures which you can colour-in to complete the cards.
    (The game can be played even if these 30 pictures are not coloured...

  • Kids Scavenger Hunt
    $39.95 $70.00
  • DIY Table Hockey Kit

    Get ready to score big with your own DIY Table Hockey Kit!

    Build, customize, and play your way to victory with this amazing ...

  • DIY Basketball Hoop

    Looking for a fun way to up your basketball game? Our Decorate-Your-Own Basketball Hoop Kit is the ultimate slam dunk in creativity and fun!       


  • Pica-Pair - Sporty Themed Colour-In Card Game

    Match your way to fun and learning with our Pica-Pair Fresh Fruit & Veg Card Game!

    As an optional extra activity, the pictures on the card can be coloured in (markers are...

  • Christmas Poppit Fidget Toy

    These adorable keyrings are not only festive and fun, but they also provide hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. The perfect way to keep little hands busy during the holiday season!

  • DIY Bouncing Ball Kit

    Unleash your inner scientist with our DIY Bouncing Ball Kit!

    This activity is the perfect way to learn about the phy...

  • DIY Table Soccer Kit NEW!!

    Score big fun with our DIY Table Soccer Kit!

    With this super-cool activity, kids can build and customize their very own soccer table, complete with players, goals, and ...

  • NEW!! Wooden DIY TIC TAC TOE Game

    Challenge your friends to a game of Tic Tac Toe with your very own handmade set!

    You'll not only have hours of fun playing, but you'll also get to design it yourself! That's ...

  • Poppit Fidget Toy

    Poppit: The toy that's as satisfying as bubble wrap, but can be used again and again!

    With their colorful and squishy design, Poppits are not only fun to play with, they're a...

  • STEM DIY Maze Kit

    Get lost in fun: Create your own Maze Masterpiece!

    Become the architect of your own thrilling labyrinth with this STEM kit. Learning has never been so exciting.. our DI...

  • DIY Four-In-A-Row Kit

    Get ready to level up your fun with our DIY Four-In-A-Row Kit - the ultimate game of strategy and skill!

    Perfect for kids of all ages, the kit combines this classic gam...

  • Decorate-Your-Own Bat & Ball Kit

    Unleash your inner artist and athlete with our Decorate Your Own Bat and Ball Kit!

    Get ready to hit it out of the park by creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that's un...

  • Glove & Ball Game Kit

    Get ready to catch some fun with our Glove and Ball Game Kit!

    Our kit is the perfect way to encourage kids to get moving, all while helping coordination and having a bl...

  • DIY Bowling Alley Kit

    Strike up the fun with our DIY Bowling Alley Kit!

    This kit is the ultimate experience that brings all the fun of a bowling alley right to you. With easy-to-follow instructions and a simpl...

  • DIY Rubik's Cube Kit

    Unleash your creativity with our Decorate-Your-Own Rubik's Cube - the ultimate puzzle for kids who love to design and solve!

    With endless possibilities and fun, you can...

  • Game of Life Junior
    The Game of Life Junior game has the classic gameplay of choices and chance, and players get to move around the board using cool car tokens that take them on fun adventures. Players pick thei...
  • GraviTrax Hammer
    GraviTrax Accessory Pack: Hammer - Bang the hammer!

    Only playable with GraviTrax starter set.

    Clear instructions – comes with clear instructions so tha...

  • GraviTrax Magnetic Cannon
    GraviTrax Accessory Pack: Magnetic Cannon - An energy boost for your track system!

    Only playable with GraviTrax starter set

    Clear instructions – comes ...

  • GraviTrax Scoop
    GraviTrax Accessory Pack: Scoop - Marble Run & STEM Toy for Boys & Girls Age 8 & Up - Accessory for 2019 Toy of The Year Finalist GraviTrax

    Keep y...

  • GraviTrax Trampoline
    Trampoline - Marble Run & STEM Toy !

    GraviTrax Accessory: Trampoline - Marble Run & STEM Toy for Boys & Girls Age 8 & Up - Accessory for 2019 Toy ...

  • GraviTrax Volcano
    Experience the power of gravity!

    GraviTrax is the all new STEM track system from Ravensburger! Use your imagination to build superb tracks and set the gravity sph...

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