Circuit Games
Circuit Games

Circuit Games

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Learn about circuits by making five fun games: Operation, Don’t Touch the Wire, Feed the Shark, Flashlight Code, and Quiz Show. Every game has a buzzer and/or light included. These creative projects can be taken apart and re-configured.

    7 paper craft sheets
    1 cardboard insert
    metal tweezers
    5 x 8 mm LED White
    paper clip
    18 inches (45 cm) craft wire
    5 inches (12 cm) craft wire
    popsicle stick
    12 x brass brads
    2 x buzzers
    140 inches (355 cm) copper tape
    6 x 8 inches (355 cm) coated wires
    AA x 2 battery holder
    36-page book with simple electricity experiments, instructions, and more.