Owl Foil Art Bag Tag Kit

Owl Foil Art Bag Tag Kit

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You'll have a hooting good time making your very own Owl Foil Art Bag Tag!

Not only is foil art a great activity, this fun and eye-catching shimmering accessory will fit on any size backpack, bag or luggage and ensure that kids never lose their bag again!

Pack includes 7 sheets of foil art, wooden bag tag, pipe cleaner and clasp.

- Start by peeling off a sticker.
- Place the foil art paper, facing up, on the sticky section from where you've just removed the sticker.
- Rub the top of the foil art paper firmly with your finger.
- Lift the foil to reveal the magic!
- Thread the pipe cleaner through the small hole of the wooden character and twist to complete your bag tag.