Butterfly Magic Scratch Art
Butterfly Magic Scratch Art

Butterfly Magic Scratch Art

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Use the tool provided and make a stunning pattern while bringing your Butterfly to life! 

With a variety of designs to choose from, our Magic Scratch Art sets are a super fun and creative activity for children. They will be amazed as they create their very own works of art with just a scratch of a stylus!

The best part? The magic of scratch art is in the surprise! Kids won't know what's hiding beneath the black surface until they scratch it away, revealing vibrant colors and intricate patterns. 

The average size of the scratchy is 9.5cm X 13cm.

When you purchase a product made from paper from Funbox, you can be assured that you're not having a negative impact on our planet. For every tree of paper we use, we plant 2 trees in Australia. Our products are also printed without any type of coating, ensuring that the paper is 100% recyclable.

At Funbox, we strive to always produce our products with the most sustainable materials possible and we make sure that our amazing planet is always front-of-mind. For further information see: