Colour-Me-In Indigenous Sustainable Sandwich Keeper by Iesha Wyatt

Colour-Me-In Indigenous Sustainable Sandwich Keeper by Iesha Wyatt

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Wrap it up in style, the Indigenous way! Introducing our exclusive eco-friendly Sandwich Keeper Kit, designed by Iesha Wyatt just for cool kids who care about our planet!

This awesome kit is like a superhero for the environment, fighting against single-use plastics! Crafted with love and respect for Mother Earth, it's not just a sandwich wrap – it's a lesson in sustainability. Imagine kids learning the magic of small choices, like using reusable wraps, and how they can become Earth-saving champions!

But wait, there's more fun to come! Kids get to unleash their creativity and add a splash of colour to their sandwich keeper using the cool markers included in the kit. It's not just about saving the Earth; it's about making lunchtime a colourful adventure!

And guess what? Our wrap kit isn't just for sandwiches; it's a versatile warrior! It can snugly hold snacks, fruits, veggies, and all the yummy treats your heart desires. So, let's wrap up a world of fun and eco-consciousness – because being green has never been this awesome! 🌱🎨🥪

*This range also includes a Colour-In Pencil CaseColour-In Lunch Box and Colour-In Backpack and Colour-In Drawstring Bag