Disney Pixar Trivia Box

Disney Pixar Trivia Box

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Where can you find the greatest animation and live action characters in the universe all together under one lid? Right here in Imagination Games' Trivia Box Disney Pixar! Fans of family-friendly blockbuster storytelling will find all of their favourites inside from TV to film!

Classic Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie and friends rub shoulders with Toy Story's Woody, Buzz and Jesse. Frozen Disney Princesses Elsa and Anna mix with Sofia the First and the cheeky swashbuckling lads from The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Can you remember what two colours do the humans wear in the 2008 Disney/Pixar film WALL-E? Monsters University tells the tale of how which two characters first met? Do you know who races dragonflies and hides extra pixie dust under her bed in Disney Fairies? F