Hasbro Gaming Yahtzee Electronic Dice Game
Hasbro Gaming Yahtzee Electronic Dice Game

Hasbro Gaming Yahtzee Electronic Dice Game

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Got the guts to score big? Yahtzee Electronic Handheld is the portable, digital version of the epic dice game. Automatic scoring lets you roll fast for frantic dice action on the go. Play anywhere and beat your high score to become a dice master!

Ready to roll? Only players with ultimate dice skills can hit the high score in this game. Shoot for a straight or hustle for a full house. Every dice combo counts, just like in the classic game. The riskier the roll, the higher the score. And if you turn up five of a kind, that's a Yahtzee!

The Yahtzee Electronic Handheld game scores every roll automatically, so you can just keep on rolling. It's fast, addictive fun that never lets up. Play again and again to smash your high score.

The Hasbro name and logo and Yahtzee are trademarks of Hasbro.

Step up and roll anytime, anywhere with the Yahtzee Electronic Handheld digital dice game. Just grab your game and go! Tap the buttons to roll the on-screen digital dice for an awesome combo. Get the hottest combo and you're rocking the roll.

Feeling lucky? Think you can make it as a superstar roller? Then risk it all for a Yahtzee. Use all your luck and skill to smash your high score and you might just make it as a dice master!

Yahtzee Electronic Handheld is the digital dice game that lets you roll for victory anytime, anywhere. Play again and again to hit the top combos and max your high score. Shoot for a Yahtzee, and roll big to become the ultimate dice master!

Yahtzee electronic unit (battery included) and game guide.

• 1 CR2032 lithium battery included
• Ages 8+
• 1 Player