NEW IN! Cricket Australia Pencil Case

NEW IN! Cricket Australia Pencil Case

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Gear up for a desk-side cricket match with our Cricket Australia Pencil Case – the ultimate accessory for every cricket enthusiast! This sleek pencil case isn't just a storage solution; it's a mini cricket stadium for your stationery. Feel the excitement of the pitch every time you open it!

Crafted with the iconic Cricket Australia logo, this pencil case is a stylish homage to your favorite cricket team. It's more than just a case; it's a declaration of your love for the sport. With compartments that bat away clutter and a design that bowls over the competition, it's the perfect addition to your school or office lineup.

Stash your pens, pencils, and other essentials like a pro cricketer strategizing for the big game. Whether you're a seasoned player or a cricket fanatic, this pencil case is a must-have accessory. Swing for the boundaries and hit a six with the Cricket Australia Pencil Case – because your stationery game should be as legendary as a last-over thriller! 🏏✏️


1x DIY Colour-In Pencil Case

1x 4 Pack Washable Markers

Available to bulk buy!