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  • DIY Bouncing Ball Kit

    Unleash your inner scientist with our DIY Bouncing Ball Kit!

    This activity is the perfect way to learn about the phy...

  • NEW!! DIY Basketball Trebuchet

    Launch your way to fun with our brand new DIY Basketball Trebuchet - the ultimate game changer!

    With easy-to-follow instructions, kids can assemble their very own trebu...

  • New!! Egyptian Pyramid Excavation Kit

    Dig into history and uncover ancient treasures with our Egyptian Excavation Kit!

    Become a junior archaeologist and embark on an exciting excavation adve...

  • DIY Table Hockey Kit

    Get ready to score big with your own DIY Table Hockey Kit!

    Build, customize, and play your way to victory with this amazing ...

  • DIY Basketball Hoop

    Looking for a fun way to up your basketball game? Our Decorate-Your-Own Basketball Hoop Kit is the ultimate slam dunk in creativity and fun!       


  • NEW!! DIY Bubble Machine Kit

    Looking for a fun and exciting activity that will have the kids bubbling with excitement??

    With our brand new DIY Bubble Machine, they can create an endless supply of bubbles tha...

  • DIY Table Soccer Kit NEW!!

    Score big fun with our DIY Table Soccer Kit!

    With this super-cool activity, kids can build and customize their very own soccer table, complete with players, goals, and ...

  • NEW!! Wooden DIY TIC TAC TOE Game

    Challenge your friends to a game of Tic Tac Toe with your very own handmade set!

    You'll not only have hours of fun playing, but you'll also get to design it yourself! That's ...

  • STEM DIY Maze Kit

    Get lost in fun: Create your own Maze Masterpiece!

    Become the architect of your own thrilling labyrinth with this STEM kit. Learning has never been so exciting.. our DI...

  • DIY Four-In-A-Row Kit

    Get ready to level up your fun with our DIY Four-In-A-Row Kit - the ultimate game of strategy and skill!

    Perfect for kids of all ages, the kit combines this classic gam...

  • Decorate-Your-Own Bat & Ball Kit

    Unleash your inner artist and athlete with our Decorate Your Own Bat and Ball Kit!

    Get ready to hit it out of the park by creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that's un...

  • DIY Bowling Alley Kit

    Strike up the fun with our DIY Bowling Alley Kit!

    This kit is the ultimate experience that brings all the fun of a bowling alley right to you. With easy-to-follow instructions and a simpl...

  • DIY Rubik's Cube Kit

    Unleash your creativity with our Decorate-Your-Own Rubik's Cube - the ultimate puzzle for kids who love to design and solve!

    With endless possibilities and fun, you can...

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