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  • DIY Bouncing Ball Kit

    Unleash your inner scientist with our DIY Bouncing Ball Kit!

    This activity is the perfect way to learn about the phy...

  • Science Shaker Slime Kit

    Mix, shake, and squish your way to slimy bliss with our Shaker Slime Kit!

    Dive into a world of ooey-gooey awesomeness with this one-way ticket to a sensory wonderland w...

  • Design-Your-Own World Globe Lantern Activity

    Light up your world with our Design-Your-Own Globe Lantern!

    This lantern is the perfect canvas for children to showcase their artisti...

  • Design-Your-Own Chinese New Year Lantern Activity


    Light up children's creativity with our Chinese New Year Lantern Activity!

    Not only will kids have a blast crafting their own festive lanterns in their own unique st...

  • Design-Your-Own Lantern Activity

    Looking for a fun and creative activity that will light up children's imaginations? Look no further than our Colour-In Lanterns!

    Kids can colour in and bring their unique design to life f...

  • DIY Cupcake Sewing Kit

    Stitch your way to sweetness with our Cupcake Sewing Kit - the perfect recipe for a fun and creative activity!

    With this kit, kids can make their very own adorable Cupc...

  • Design-Your-Own Tiger Lantern Activity

    Let your creativity roar with our Design-Your-Own Tiger Lantern Activity - a wild way to light up your world!

    Perfect for Lunar New Year and any other themed activities...

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