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  • Colour-In Sporty Pencil Case

    Looking for a fun and creative way to store stationery? Look no further than our Sporty printed Colour-In Pencil Case!

    With its super-cool design, this pencil case i...

  • DIY Table Hockey Kit

    Get ready to score big with your own DIY Table Hockey Kit!

    Build, customize, and play your way to victory with this amazing ...

  • Funbox Colour-In Frisbee

    Let your imagination soar with our Colour-in Frisbee!

    Kids will have a blast customizing their Frisbee with their own unique...

  • DIY Basketball Hoop

    Looking for a fun way to up your basketball game? Our Decorate-Your-Own Basketball Hoop Kit is the ultimate slam dunk in creativity and fun!       


  • Colour-In Cheer Sticks with Markers

    Join the cheering squad with our kid-friendly Cheer Sticks!

    Blow them up, get creative and design the perfect accessory to bring some serious cheer and support to any e...

  • Colour-In Baseball Cap - Assorted Colours

    Our Colour-In Baseball Cap is a blank canvas waiting for you to unleash your artistic side! With the included markers, you can create a unique design that's totally your own. Want to draw your f...

  • DIY Carnival Hula Hoop Kit

    Create your very own carnival fun with our DIY Hula Hoop Kit - perfect for kids who love to spin and play!

    Build it, decorate it and once your hoo...

  • Tennis Ball Puppet Kit

    Transform tennis balls into lovable characters with this super-fun Puppet Kit!

    This all-inclusive kit is bursting with endless possibilities, providing everything kids ...

  • Pica-Pair - Sporty Themed Colour-In Card Game

    Match your way to fun and learning with our Pica-Pair Fresh Fruit & Veg Card Game!

    As an optional extra activity, the pictures on the card can be coloured in (markers are...

  • Beach Ball Kit

    Dive into adventure with our Decorate-Your-Own Beach Ball Kit!

    Add a splash of creativity to your fun-in-the-sun with this fantastic activity which allows you to customise yo...

  • Eco-Friendly Sports Activity Bag

     Our Eco-Friendly Sports Budget Activity Bags are packed with engaging activities that are not only educational but will also keep kids entertained! 

    Sure to be a hit with any...

  • DIY Kite Kit

    Let creativity soar to new heights with our DIY Kite Kit!

    Perfect for kids of all ages, this kit is the ultimate way to add some color and fun to outdoo...

  • DIY Table Soccer Kit NEW!!

    Score big fun with our DIY Table Soccer Kit!

    With this super-cool activity, kids can build and customize their very own soccer table, complete with players, goals, and ...

  • NEW!! DIY Basketball Trebuchet

    Launch your way to fun with our brand new DIY Basketball Trebuchet - the ultimate game changer!

    With easy-to-follow instructions, kids can assemble their very own trebu...

  • DIY Wooden Mother's Day Trophy Kit

    Mum deserves this BEST MUM OF THE YEAR award!! Have fun decorating and designing this for that special human in your life!

    Each kit includes:

  • Design-Your-Own Lunar New Year Fan Kit

    Bring on the Lunar New Year festivities with our fan-tastic Lunar Year Fan Kit!

    This is a fun and creative activity that also provide...

  • DIY Carnival Ball Kit

    Unleash your inner ringmaster with our DIY Carnival Ball Kit - the ultimate ticket to endless fun and excitement!

    Kit includes:

    • 1 x Coloured ball to decorate...
  • DIY Number 1 Wooden Trophy Kit

    Build your way to victory with our DIY Number 1 Wooden Trophy Kit - the perfect way to show off your winning spirit!

    Each kit includes:

    • 1x Wooden Trophy
  • DIY Sports Socks

    Step up your game with personalized Sports Socks!

    With our DIY Sports Socks Kit, you'll not only look the part, but you'll also feel like a pro! The...

  • DIY Best Dad Wooden Trophy Kit- Perfect for Fathers Day!

    Make your dad feel like a winner every day with our Best Dad Trophy Kits!

    The perfect way to honor the hero in your life, this kit includes coloured markers so you can ...

  • Design Your Own Fan Kit

    Keep cool with this fun fan kit!

    Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Concertina white fan (not printed)
    • 1 x Pack of 6 washable markers 

    Optional extra- Luna...

  • Soccer Boot Magic Scratch Art

    Use the tool provided and make a stunning pattern while bringing your Soccer Boot to life! 

    Our Magic Scratch Art sets are a super fun and creative activity for children....

  • Decorate-Your-Own Bat & Ball Kit

    Unleash your inner artist and athlete with our Decorate Your Own Bat and Ball Kit!

    Get ready to hit it out of the park by creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that's un...

  • Colour-In Wrist Sweatband

    Add a pop of color to your game with our customizable Wrist Bands!

    The ultimate accessory for young sports enthusiasts, this band is made from premium, sweat-absorbent material to keep li...

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