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  • DIY Fabric Emoji Pillow Kit

    Bring your favorite emoji to life with our DIY Fabric Emoji Pillow Kit - the perfect way to add a pop of personality to any bedroom!

    With easy-to-...

  • Kangaroo Stuffems

    Hop into fun and create your very own DIY Kangaroo Stuffem!

    This DIY project is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. With...

  • DIY Table Hockey Kit

    Get ready to score big with your own DIY Table Hockey Kit!

    Build, customize, and play your way to victory with this amazing ...

  • Decorate-a-Beanie Kit

    Get creative and stay cozy with our DIY Beanie Kit - the perfect way to make your winter wardrobe truly unique!

    With our kit, you'll get everything you need to make your very own cozy and...

  • BACK IN STOCK!! Winter DIY Scarf Kit

    Create your own cozy scarf and stay warm in style with our DIY Scarf Kit!

    The kit comes with 17 pieces of soft, fleecy fabric which are threaded into each other to crea...

  • Beanie and Pom Pom Making Kit - Perfect for Winter!

    Perfect for chilly winter days or a cozy night in, this kit includes everything kids need to create their own unique beanie with a fun and colorful pom-pom on top!

    A fun and easy-to-do ac...

  • Fluffy Dino Stuffems

    Create your own prehistoric pal with our fun and easy DIY Dinosaur Stuffem Kit!

    This DIY project is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. With its soft and cuddly fab...

  • DIY Binoculars Kit

    Adventure awaits! Explore the world with your very own DIY Binoculars Kit!

    Whether you're scoping out the competition at a sports event or searching for hidden treasure...

  • Puppy Push-In Fabric (Shell) Kit

    This puppy comes packaged with hundreds of pieces of fabric which you push (with a special craft pen) through the holes in the puppy foam.

    Get ready for some exciting p...

  • Colour-In Pet Waste Bag Holder

    Looking for a fun and functional way to clean up after your furry friends? Check out our Colour-In Pet Waste Bag Holder! With its fun design, this bag holder makes picking up after pets a breeze...

  • DIY Vegetable Greenhouse Planting Kit

    Grow your own adventure with our DIY Vegetable Greenhouse Planting Kit!

    This kit is a fun and educational activity that will get kids excited about ...

  • Puppy Stuffems

    Create your own furry pal with our DIY Puppy Stuffem Kit!

    This DIY project is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. With its soft and cuddly fabric and all the necessary materials...

  • Create-Your-Own Winter Snowglobe with Markers

    Make any picture magical with our Create-Your-Own Snowglobe. Perfect activity this Winter.

    Each kit comes with the snow globe set, insert and coloured markers.

    To complete the acti...

  • Holiday Colour-In Drawstring Bag

    Bring your creativity on vacation with our Holiday Colour-In Drawstring Bag!

    Whether they're headed to the beach, the park, or just out on a day trip, these bags are th...

  • Spring Flower Press Kit

    Explore the wonders of nature and create beautiful keepsakes with our Spring Flower Press Kit for kids!

    Children can let their imagination bloom by creating one-of-a...

  • DIY Flower Greenhouse Planting Kit

    Grow your own little paradise with our DIY Flower Greenhouse Planting Kit - perfect for little green thumbs!

    Not only is gardening a fun and rewarding hobby, but it also teac...

  • DIY Winter Savings Money Box Kit

    This Build and Design Your Own Money Box is not only a fun, creative and constructive activity but when finished, is a beautiful Money Box that your children are sure...

  • Design Your Own Umbrella Activity - Perfect for Winter!

    Let your creativity rain down this Winter with our Design Your Own Umbrella for kids!

    This high-quality umbrella has no sharp metal edges and the ...

  • DIY Christmas Penguin Paper Bag Kit

    Get ready for some holiday fun with our DIY Christmas Penguin Paper Bag Kit - the perfect way to add some extra cheer to your gift-giving this season!

    Not only is this ...

  • DIY Winter Socks

    Put your best foot forward this Winter with our DIY Sock Kit!

    Our DIY Winter Socks for kids are the perfect way to keep warm and stylish this season. The kit com...

  • DIY Fabric Koala Pillow Kit

    Create your very own cuddly companion with our DIY Fabric Koala Pillow Kit - perfect for a cozy snuggle!

    With easy-to-follow instructions and pre-cut pieces, this kit i...

  • Plain White Colour-In Drawstring Bag

    Carry your supplies in style with our Colour-In Drawstring Bag!

    A blank canvas just waiting for your creativity, this pack includes a set of washable markers so you can draw and colour yo...

  • Leaf Magic Scratch Art - Mixed Designs

    Use the tool provided and make a stunning pattern while bringing your Leaf to life! 

    Our Magic Scratch Art sets are a super fun and creative activity for children. They w...

  • Kids carry Activity Book Kit - Box of 72 units

     Have fun with these amazing carry activity and sticker books- hours and hours of fun! 

    4 designs- Princess, Monster, Pirate, Mermaid

    Book Dimentions: 2...

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