Young Kids

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  • Colour in Halloween Trick or Treat bag - 5 pack

    Includes markers! 


    Includes 5 packs individually packaged.

  • Halloween DIY witch hat kit

    Perfect for Halloween! 


    Get crafty and make your own witch hat with this awesome kit! 

  • Halloween DiY witch hat kit Bundle- 5 kits

    5 witch hat kits individually packaged! 


    Perfect for families or even to give to some special friends:)

  • Halloween Colour in Trick or Treat Bag
    Includes markers!
  • Diy Trick or Treat Bag Kit- bundle 5
    Each kit is individually so perfect to give to special friends/ family!
  • DIY sandwich wrap kit

    Colour in this fun sandwich wrap kit and use it in your school lunchbox! (Or home lunchbox during lockdown) 


    Easy to wipe down and reuse! 

  • Kids Cooking activity bag with stickers

    Activity bag with heaps of fun activities! 

    Includes markers and stickers! 

  • Australiana 3 in 1 card game
    Fun for the whole family!
  • Pica pair card game kit
    Fun for the whole family!
  • Flower Press Kit

    Have fun this spring while decorating your flower press and then using it to make pressed flowers! 

    Perfect for some crafty fun! 

  • Design and decorate your own chef hat and Apron kit

    Perfect for little chefs in the kitchen! 


    Great for bday parties, hampers during lockdown or just some fun in the kitchen! 

  • Foil art activity bundle

    4 x foil art kits- individually packed 

    Mix designs - depending on availability 

  • Colour in fidget spinner
    Colour in, spin and have some fun!
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